Regrowing Your Forested Land

Unused cropland with no plans for production should be planted with pine or hardwood trees, depending on the soil type, geographic and topographic location, and management goals. Long Forestry Consultants of Georgia, is your reforestation expert, and will optimize the use of your property.

Eagle In Nest

Wildlife Management

Bring the big bucks and other wildlife to you. Long Forestry will improve your wildlife habitat with ease. Establishing and maintaining openings and food plots greatly improves wildlife habitat. Well managed food plots can produce winter forage at ratios which may approach 50:1 compared to rough woodlands.

Allow us to help you provide diversity by creating edges and increasing the production of forage plants. They are used extensively by wildlife for feeding, dusting, breeding display, and loafing. The planting of annual forage crops including trees that produce nuts and acorns within these areas is recommended.

Long Forestry will assist you with all facets of wildlife foot plot and habitat management. Good management means quality habitat. We help you with:

• Land Clearing
• Forage Crop Planting
• Tree and Shrub Planting
• Feeders
• Hunting Stands and Blinds

Deer Management

If you want big buck you need serious management. Let us help you establish a program that combines all facets of feeding, grazing, and foraging with supplemental nutrition to ensure the odds of trophy bucks are in your favor. We make sure protein and minerals are available in the right amount at the right time to grow your trophy.

Turkey Management

Do you want more turkeys on your land? Turkeys have a variety of needs depending on the time of the year. They require:

• Strutting Lanes
• Nesting Covers
• Bugging Grounds
• Escape Covers
• Roost Sites
• Fall and Winter Food Sources

Long Forestry will help you manage your property to provide maximum turkey habitat. Let our experience benefit you.

Buck In The Forest